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1. How are dog treats different from other dog treats?
All our treats are lovingly hand made with 100% natural ingredients, there are no artificial additives or preservatives

2. What is wrong with ordinary dog treats?
Most brands of dog treats are full of additives, preservatives, sugar and often a lot of other unhealthy ingredients which may not be listed on the packet 

3. What are the benefits of all natural dog treats?
All our ingredients are carefully selected to ensure there are is nothing harmful added, not only are they not harmful, ingredients are added to promote your dogs health  

4. Where can I buy your treats?
Currently online only

5. Are the treats safe for humans to eat?
Although all our ingredients are human grade, I would not recommend eating them yourself

6. What delivery options are there?
Delivery by Royal Mail, options will be listed at checkout

7. How are the treats packaged?
All treats will be vacuum packed to keep them fresh and posted in a cardboard box for protection

8. How long do the treats last?
Most treats will last a week in the fridge but can also be frozen for later use, please see individual product details