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Natural Treats

Why natural treats?

If you’re on the hunt for natural dog treat boxes or natural dog training treats, then Dog Treat Boutique is the place to be! We stock all manner of natural treats that look a little different from what you might see in a typical pet shop. Despite this, these natural treats are what’s best for dogs, especially when considering we have a wide variety of treats to cater to multiple dietary requirements. So, discover our range of natural treats to find tasty and healthy treats for your four-legged friend!


Chicken-Free Natural Dog Treats, UK

Does your pooch come out in hives and rashes every time they eat products that contain chicken? If so, they might suffer from a chicken allergy! Fortunately, though, Dog Treat Boutique stocks a number of natural treats that are completely free from chicken. From Rabbit Ears with Fur to Pig Ears, chicken is by no means an essential ingredient in many of our natural treats.

Dental Hygiene Doggy Treats

Every dog owner understands the frustration of trying to keep their dog’s breath smelling fresh; however, their diet plays a significant role in this, meaning natural dog treats might just be the answer. Whether you’re after Beef Skins or Trachea Pieces, our natural dental hygiene treats are sure to help keep your pooch’s teeth and gums in good shape. It doesn’t matter if your pup is 12 weeks or 12 years old; oral hygiene will always be of the utmost importance.

Highly Digestible All-Natural Dog Treats

Unfortunately, there are a number of dog breeds that are more prone to tummy trouble than others, including Labradors and Great Danes, to name a couple. As a result, Dog Treat Boutique supplies multiple treats that are suitable for pups with sensitive stomachs. For instance, our Tripe Sticks Dog Chews and Sprats are just two of the many great, easily digested options available.

Hypoallergenic Natural Treats for Dogs, UK

As there are breeds that are more prone to sensitive stomachs, there are also breeds that are more prone to allergies. From Boxers to Cocker Spaniels, and everything in between,
sometimes you simply can’t pose the risk of an allergic reaction. Therefore,
our hypoallergenic natural treats are the ideal solutions, including our Pork Rind Bars and Lamb Foot with Fur.

Low-Fat Natural Dog Treats

Does your pooch enjoy their food a little too much? If so, and your four-legged friend could do with shedding a few pounds, you might consider some of our low-fat options. From Lamb Ears with Hair to Beef Muscle Meat, there is a multitude of natural treat options in which less than 10% of the product is fat.

Have you been searching for “natural dog treats near me?” From antlers to wood chews for your dog, natural treats are the way forwards! Be sure to browse the collection below to find tasty treats for your furry friend.