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Variety Boxes

Why pick a box?

From petite pooches to huge hounds, from six-month-old puppies to senior dogs, every canine is different, and this means unique dietary requirements. We bear this in mind at Dog Treat Boutique when it comes to crafting our variety boxes to ensure that all doggies are catered for. Regardless of size, age, weight, or even sensitive tummies, we’ve got a dog treat selection to suit, so scroll down to browse our range of variety boxes to find your four-legged friend’s favourite snacks!


Chicken Free Dog Boxes

Does your pooch suffer from a chicken allergy? If so, Dog Treat Boutique is here to help! From our Low Fat Selection Box to our Monster Chomper Variety Box, we offer a number of products that contain no chicken whatsoever. Say goodbye to red rashes and itchy hives caused by chicken consumption and provide your pup with only the tastiest treats that are healthy, too!

Dental Hygiene Natural Dog Treat Boxes

Maintaining dental hygiene is one of the biggest frustrations experienced by dog owners. Sometimes, no matter what you do, it seems as though your dog’s breath will never smell fresh. That’s where our Dental Hygiene Treat Boxes come in, including our Delicate Chomper Variety Box and our Tough Chomper Variety Box. Keeping your pooch’s teeth and gums in good shape couldn’t be easier.

Highly Digestible Selection Boxes

From Boxers to Shih Tzus and everything in between, there are various dog breeds that are more prone to tummy trouble than others. If your four-legged friend suffers from a sensitive stomach, we’ve got some of the best treats that are sure to keep their bellies happy. These include our Puppy Croncher Variety Box  and Puffed Treat Variety Box, as well as many other easy-to-digest options.

Hypoallergenic Snack Boxes

Not only are some dog breeds more prone to tummy trouble, but some are also more allergy prone, too! Whether your pup is a Bichon Frise, an English Bull Terrier, or another allergy-prone breed, sometimes you don’t want to risk complications. Fortunately, our Crispy Skins Variety Box is the perfect package for your
pooch, as the hypoallergenic make-up of these treats makes them ideal for allergy sufferers.

Build Your Own Boxes

If none of our prepackaged treat boxes tickle your four-legged friend’s fancy, we also offer the option to build your own boxes! Whether you’re after a Chomper Treat Box, Natural Dog Treat Box, or Puppy Treat Box, we’ve got you covered. Simply select the treats you’d like to be added to your box, add them to your cart, and proceed with your payment.

From chicken to pork to rabbit, we provide all manner of scrumptious snacks for your perfect pooch! Be sure to browse the collection below.