Slow feeding can improve your dog’s health

Slow feeding can improve your dog’s health

The speed at which your dog consumes their meals matters.


The most important reasons to slow down how fast a dog eats are:

  • Dogs can choke on their food if they swallow too much
  • Fast eating can cause vomiting or upset their digestion (with stinky results!)
  • Fast eating can cause Bloat (Serious condition which can be fatal)

Additionally, scientific studies have shown that fast eaters suffer from increased levels of Plasma Norepinephrine which causes elevated blood pressure. This chart shows how slower eaters have reduced levels after eating, and fast eaters have elevated levels:

Levels in Dogs

Slow feeding also has a calming effect and reduces the stress levels of the dog quicker, as can be seen in the following chart from the study:

Stress levels during feeds


As well as reducing the risks above, slow feeding using the correct feeder can have positive effects:

  • Mental stimulation
  • Improves problem solving skills
  • Reduces boredom and anxiety
  • Use it for treats and not just for main meals

We use slow feeders for our fast eater and have witnessed the benefits it brings – if you’d like more information or have any concerns please contact us. Find the slow feeder we use in the "Enrichment" section of the website or click here.

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